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About Us

Highfield Preschool Harpenden

The Highfield Preschool is an independent day school for children aged 2 years 6 months to rising 5 year olds, which provides excellent, affordable quality childcare with traditional values.  Highfield Preschool has caring, loving, mature and qualified teachers who provide a happy environment with clearly set out boundaries and a stimulating environment within a Christian ethos as part of our programme.

Meet the Team

Mrs Sandra Case

Manager and DSP

Mrs Case has been the Manager of Highfield Preschool for 20 years and has Level 6 qualification and Early Years Professional Status. She is passionate about providing the best possible outcomes for all children attending Highfield Preschool, and encourages an exciting, hands-on and fun-filled approach to teaching. She believes that the preschool should be a welcoming, transparent and warm environment where families feel at home and where their voices will be heard.

Mrs Nikki.png
Mrs Nikki van Aardt

Key worker for the Dove group

Mrs Nikki is the latest addition to our staff and is a fully qualified Early Years teacher. She has associated with the preschool for the last 3 years and is leading the Dove group, providing an exciting curriculum with loving and gentle support.

Mrs Stephanie Jenkins

Assistant for the Lions group

Mrs Stephanie is the assistant to the Lions group and holds a Level 6 teaching qualification. She has been associated with the preschool for at least 4 years. Mrs Stephanie has a keen interest in the outdoors and consistently provides exciting experiences in our lovely garden and the nearby woods.

Mrs Nikki Zapico

Key Worker for Lamb class and Deputy Manager

Mrs Nikki has been associated with the Highfield Preschool for the past 13 years and is the key worker for the Lambs group. She has a Level 3 qualification in Early Years and also serves as the Deputy for the preschool. She is wonderfully creative and patient with 2 to 3 year olds and manages to settle them into a routine really quickly!

Mrs Sarah.png
Mrs Sarah Green

Assistant for Dove class

Mrs Sarah has been associated with the Highfield Preschool for the past 9 years and has worked as both key worker and assistant. She has a Level 6 teaching qualification and has a ‘can do’ attitude to learning, gently encouraging the children in her group to develop to their full potential.

Mrs Debbie Clark


Mrs Debbie has been with us for the past 13 years, has a Level 3 qualification and is the SENCO at the Highfield Preschool. She has a true heart for children with SEND and works with children, parents and professionals to encourage early support to enable all children with SEND to progress to their full potential.

Mrs Sulene Sypkens

Assistant for Lamb class

Mrs Sulene is assistant to the Lamb group and has a Level 3 qualification in Early Years. She is the gentle one and has endless patience with the little ones! Mrs Sulene also does cooking activities with all the children!

Mrs Lara Ejiwunmi

Key worker for Lion class

Mrs Lara is the key worker for the Lion group. She has been associated with the preschool for the past 6 years. She has a Level 3 qualification in Early Years. Mrs Lara’s enthusiasm and creativity ensure the children receive a fun-filled day at preschool and provides an excellent transition from preschool to reception at the end of each academic year.

Mark New.png
Mr Martin Lees

Physical Education

Mr Martin has recently joined the preschool to promote physical education to all the pupils at least once a week. He provides fun-filled and exciting activities to encourage the children to develop their gross-motor skills, balance, core-strength and sportsmanship. He is also involved in our annual Sports Day event.

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